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Wild Neighbors

Get to know your
neighbors! You'll be
glad you did.


Wild Neighbors

The Wild Neighbors features only native wildlife species. No exotics!

While it's fun and exciting to see animals from faraway places, it's more important to me to introduce my audience to the creatures that live nearby—animals that are very common and very important to the ecology of our area, yet little known to most of us.

The series includes:

Prices for the Wild Neighbors lecture series:

  • School Programs:
    Because of the "excitement factor" inherent to live-animal programs, audience size should be limited to about 100 students per session.
    1 session - $500
    2 sessions - $700
    3 sessions - $900
    4 sessions - $1,100
    For programs involving more than 4 school sessions
    please call for rates.
  • All Other Programs: $500, 1-hour session

For available dates and reservations call 717-575-0948, or e-mail: jack@jackhubley.com.

"Your sense of humor and your very upbeat, outgoing personality, along with live visuals, continue to make your program very popular with the kids and the teachers."
      — Nancy Stewart, Hans Herr Elementary


Wildlife Expert